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Morning. Below are the pictures of the oat bran I have bought from Game Benoni on the 20 May 2018. Upon opening the box I came across a sort of nest of moths(insect). Sure the oat bran is off. I'm deeply disappointed at Tiger Brand'product. I'm disturbed and traumatized of the experience. I have called the number on the box to inform them ,spoke to the lady by the name of Josephine who then asked for the manufacture date and expiry date ,she then said I can send pictures of the oat bran and send them to the co's WhatsApp number and they will send me vouchers. I further asked her that I want the service manager to call me ,when they could not reach me on my number for some reason they never bothered to respond to my WhatsApp. So seemingly its all about issuing the vouchers and that's all. I'm very disappointed and do not have confidence in their products anymore as visions of those insects/moths and sticky webs still come back to my mind. Managers and staff should take complaints as an Opportunity to reflect on their service ,take complaints to heart as they represent the company they work for,live and uphold the values of the company. 9

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