Bonitas Medical Aid Complaints - Put my health in danger

What a company to deal with. I am struggling to get my claims for almost a year now and every time a different call centre agent ask different questions. I have spoken to a very arrogant call centre agent who did not give me a chance to speak. There is not communications allowed to any other department and must you as client try to work with incompetent staff, misrepresent themselves as managers.If you serious about your health so not join Bonitas. Discovery has a cheaper rate and excellent service. That's my following step. I cannot trust Bonitas with my health and they always deliver my medication late or not at all which is chronic. The pharmacy that delivers the medication always hand it over with a temperature way above room temp. Please do not join them. Here it is all about money.

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Investigation ( on 29/12/16 )

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I can re assure the comment of ripping clients off. They are quick to stop your benefits if you don't want to pay untill matter has been resolved and even when you do pay the wait for the next premium as an excuse " we cant promise claims if your premium is not paid" How Lame can they be playing with peoples lives like this. Do yourself a favor and join another medical aid because with Bonitas you wont get far or trust them with your life.

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