Renault Complaints - quality of vrake pads

i purchase a renault gt line last year June 2017 for the past year i had to replace my brake/brake pads three times now my car is going in for a service on friday to replace it for the 3rd time. whenever i speak to a renault rep they telling me they know about the poor quality of the brake pads, they have a lot of new cars that comes in to replace it.

why is renault letting us as client's suffer because they put cheap and poor qulity brake pads on the car.

i've call the customer care nw to logg a compalint but with no joy the lady is telling me i must wait until friday when my car gfoes for a service in order for her to see the history on my car why must it take so long - it didnt even bother her for the mere fact that i told her i had the car for 8 motnsh and in within the 8 months i replaced it twice.

why must this process take so long where as history could have been requested from renault northcliff as i purchase and serviced the car twice before.

to be honest i lvoe the renaults but i am having endless problems with tis car.

please step up

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