MFC Complaints - R699 - SCAM

Hi Modikwe,

After reading an article on FACEBOOK this morning regarding the “poor” lending decision that was taken by MFC and others and the predicament people like me was placed in.

From this article, enclosed the client received numerous demands and summonses from MFC to settle his debt.

Unfortunately not all of us are in a position to employ an Attorney to assist.

From this case and the final outcome thereof creates a precedent and will afford others the opportunity to have their cases looked into and resolved.

The case concerned –
“My case was set down for 26 March 2018 with MFC.
I picked up my TATA from the Satinsky agents in January 2014 and paid 3 instalments and received my rebates accordingly, and then the wheels came off. I stood my ground and didn't pay a cent thereafter to MFC.
They sent me summons which I defended and counter claimed against them for reckless and negligent lending. The case dragged on for 4 years and I continued to drive the TATA.
3 days before the case was to be heard in the high court their attorneys agreed a settlement with my attorneys. It was agreed that I was to return the car and no claim against me from MFC.”

This is not dissimilar to many others.

I am and won’t be in a position to hand my vehicle back to MFC because I use it to generate an income, what I am asking for is that the balance owning be written-off and my name cleared on ITC.

My car might be in body a TATA but what I have come to realize and dearly found out is that the engine is actually a FIAT PUNTO.
Your response will be appreciated.

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