After numerous discussions with RANGE ROVER SA & RANGE ROVER CONSTANTIABERG, Cape town we have had a rather unpleasant experience regarding our repairs to our RANGE ROVER SPORT AUTOBIOGRAPHY carried out. The coolant issue is has been ongoing as we quite used to having the BIG RED TRIANGLE on our dashboard that has become a PERMANENT feature. I guess we could live with that. My main concern is the GEARBOX …. Which impacts directly on the performance of my vehicle. To highlight this in plain simple english try imagining you driving a manual vehicle in first gear for ±250m that is what out automatic vehicle is doing before it changes to 2nd gear for the next 250 / 300m. To date this vehicle has been to Constantiaberg dealership ± 22 times for the coolant, June and gearbox issue, in which these components had been replaced resulting in my 2MIL vehicle been worst off since your branch had messed up the settings because of their incompetence. For a 2017 December model and our 3rd Range rover sport we are very disappointed with the way RANGE ROVER SA has handled this. We did receive a apology and a additional 30 thousand warranty at the end of term, however we do not keep our vehicles for that long. 22 TIMES in the past year is a bit much as the veicle has to go back to the dealership every second week. We are embarrass to keep sending this vehicle back and forth to their dealerships dealership for repairs as every-time the vehicle gets returned there is grease marks in the interior and the condition is disgusting.

RANGE ROVER has definitely taken their eye of the BALL!!!!!

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