Heldertroom prison Complaints - rasism

My husband is in heldertroom prison for a year he was placed in maximum for the whole year but was suppose to be placed in medium centre when he got there, I complained about putting him in Cmax after a month they removed him to F Section until he was accused of selling meat (chicken)a week after that I went to the head of prison to enquire about this incident I was told it was going to be investigated as I asked them the are prison warders always around when they dishing up, so how did this happen in their watch a week after that he was found not guilty for that case and then after a week they took him again for a new case saying that he is active in ganterism which it was not true because these people are locked in single cells, they sentenced him for 34days without visit and using the public phone. I went on the 5th of January he was still in Cmax I couldn't understand I went again to the head of prison he told me they will phoned on Monday I waited for the call until Thursday then I decided to call him he told me Mr Laurence said that the case is still under investigation what I don't understand why sentenced a person if investigation is not done and now they keeping him in Cmax they even took his dairy that his lawyer told him to have so that he can write everything happening in prison on a daily basis they are saying he is too cleaver they will keep him there and he is not the only one in this situation they are accusing a lot of people I asked them did the wardens see or hear them busy with this gangterism they replied no so were did they get this from I was told one of the inmate is giving them information my thing is that how can they trust an inmate

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