Game Clearwater Complaints - RCS - Game Clearwater

Arrived at the Game Credits Service counter at 10:56 on Sunday 6 May 2018. Got told that the credit lady had just left for her tea break and got asked to come back at 11:30. When we went back at 11:30 we were told that she had just been there, one of the Game Electronics consultants went to the back to go find her. After 15 min of waiting and constant paging (by Game to the lady) we spoke to the manager. The woman then finally came through to serve us at 11:55. Precious Sibisa, is the lady that was suppose to be manning the Credit Desk.
Now, as we are trying to contact RCS no one is answering. There are 3 people trying to call RCS at this moment (12:05, 6 May 2018) but no answer. What kind of service is this from such a large credit company!

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