Dr Jacobus Frederick (Cobus) Benson Complaints - Receptionist

I phoned the doctor's office on behalf of my stepmother who is a patient with Dr. Bason. She had a heart attach the day before where we got an ambulance yo come and help her, they told her to go home and rest.Then the hospital emergency care unit informed us the hospital is full so they will not be able to assist us right away. Upon that I thought I would contact her doctor myself.The receptionist had a very bad attitude from the beginning and didn't even really care what was wrong with their patient she just told me to take her to emergency care. The problem with that was the emergency care unit told us the hospital is full. How are you supposed to stay alive if your own doctor doesn't even want to help you? And best of all is he is the doctor that's treating her for heart problems. Then I asked if I can then just move her existing appointment to next week, the lady told me sorry the doctor doesn't do that they are full until October. I got mad and hung up the phone. I then phoned back to get her name and surname to report her, she gave me her name (Deidre) but refused to give me her surname.

I am very disappointed in her willingness to help their patients and frankly the fact that you can hear in her voice she's really not interested in what I was phoning about.

I don't know where I can lay a formal complaint against her, if anyone can let me know I would really appreciate it.

I don't feel people with that kind of attitude should work in the medical industry. They can cost someone their live!

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