APM Bus Complaints - Refund

I booked a return ticket to travel to EC last week,your services were cancelled due to bus strikes which was a good decision for all.

I traveled to EC anyway because I needed to.I am very disappointed on how you are dealing with the matter.Giving out vouchers that are only valid for 2 months will not do any justice .I only travel to EC once a year or in a space of 2 years and that simple means that by accepting your voucher I am just saying to you continue making money out of the poor.

People who booked other buses got their money back and that makes me to know that you can also do the same.You cannot punish your passengers for something they did not take part on.I paid ,the service was not rendered ,my money must be refunded.

I called in the morning seeking for answers about the voucher I received,The lady who answered kept on saying the management decides.
How can I not receive my money if I have already travelled.

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