Cartrack Complaints - Refund

What a bad service from Cartrack!!!I called them because my tracker unit was misplaced by the car dealer,and I decided to call the car dealer to check it and I told them that I will advise you if I don't come right,instead the following day they brought a technician and I let him just to check it because I took my car back to the dear and it was sorted,so they changed the position of the unit and then charged me R647dont remember excactly,so I told them I will pay in two months,what they did they took R250/R220 and then called me to advise when am I going to pay,so I said on the 20th when I get paid,so they took the money on the 16th just before pay day,and on the 20th,so right now I am struggling to get my refund,they give me incorrect email address when I ask for the manager because she doesn't have a direct line,I spoke to the guy by the name of Keketso he promised to send me the statement indicating my refund,I received nothing,guys Cartrack they don't respect their clients period.

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