Shoprite Complaints - Refusal


I visited Shoprite Roodepoort to purchase some few items, while I was there I felt nauseousand also heartburn I needed to take Eno as I was busy with the cashier I asked her that I need 2 sachets of Eno she referred me to another cashier who works at the kiosk for her to assist me with what I was looking for I went to her she checked where they normally put them but there was nothing there she then found a box of sachets but she explained to me that she is not working on that department she is on lunch but willing to assist that I call a good customer service from her however she had to ask the permission to the store manager if she can open it and assist me, wow I was shocked by the response from the manager who rudely said no don't open it, Quoting his words ( if the loose ones aren't there t means they are finished) and that time am not well I really needed to take one at that moment to make me feel better, to my disappointment I left the shop not well had to go look for Eno at another shop, I felt that they should have assisted me and open the box and give me those 2 I needed its not like it will go to waste as am sure am not the only one who customer who buys the loose Eno there.

Am really disappointed with the service not rendered to the customer.

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