SGD Mokopane Complaints - Refusal of un updated account statement

Around November 2019 I paid in full for installation of an electric fence and partially for installation of 7 burglar bars (1 for a door and 6 for windows) on the 1st floor of my house. After loadshedding had damaged the fence modem I requested replacement after which I was billed R2000 plus. But when I received the account statement the payment was not included. I asked for a corrected statement. While I was waiting the company came to install the burglar bars, but instead of 7 they only installed 4. When I queried I was told wrong measurements for the the remaining 3 had been cut. I asked by email for the balance of the work to be done as that was not my fault, and even asked for an updated account statement so that I know how much change I still had on my advance payment. To date the company has refused to send me an updated account statement including the modem payment and burglar bar amount remaining after not all the 7 pieces were installed. I also asked to be told if they were still coming to install the remaining 3 , or whether they will give me change so that I go and look for another company to come and complete the work. To date SGD are ignoring my emails. This is a company I have already spent more than R87000.00 on and I do not deserve the treatment they are now meting out to me. I am at 203 Dudu Madisha Drive, Mokopane.

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