MTN Complaints - Refusing to help me change my bank details

In December 2017 I went into the branch at Jeffreysbay Fountains mall to change my bank details before I left to go for a year to Europe, as I would still like to pay my account but will need it updated in terms for bank details for automatic debiting. I thought after my visit and checking with the guy if it was doen that that was it but NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!.

Then I started a whole roll of emails asking them to please help me and all of which was returned with emails as though someone doesnt comprehend what I am asking or they just plain LAZY (the latter I think is true but I cannot be sure) anyways now I am in arrears and cannot change my bank details because NOONE is helping me... go figure they just act dumb.

I just want to pay my stupid account with the useless service so i can live in peace!!!!!!!

The service is shocking...

This is what I wrote to them: Hi

I went into a MTN branch in December to change my banking details they said it was changed and now i see that neither january nor february has been deducted from my account.

I am currently in ********* and wont be back for a while. How do i change my banking details AGAIN since the first time around didnt happen which is really bad customer services but nothing new really, I have had bad service for a long time so this is to be expected. ....

If you feel like helpinG ME....this is why I am coming to you, then please help if not, fine I just cant pay my bills...

Up to you really.

My number is ##########, you can EMAIL me as I do not have that number on my phone right now...see below international number I am using. you may call that number too. but note extra charges would apply as it is calling overseas. sorry.

AND THEN THIS IS JUST AMAZING...the reply of the century to explain what I mean:


Thank you for your email.

Please be advised arrears amount due R 167.36 to settle the account in full .

Kind regards,
Emma Mathanjana
Legal Department

Reference Number: 15237099


Yes I know I am not being very nice but it is because this is almost the gazillionth issue I have had with a cellphone company of which most have been with MTN as I have been caught in a contract there for almost forever.

I wish that when they say it is done that it is done not for me to go find out months later wait the money is not going off my account I should hunt MTN down so I can pay them... where is the customer service here?

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