Standard Bank Insurance Complaints - Refusing to process my claim and pay for car repairs

I had an accident on the 29 March 2016, Submitted my claim on the 30 March 2016 claim number SHS16030468060. They sent me an sms confiring that an assessor by the name of Darren Knipe will be in contact with me. After the assessment was conducted I again received another sms giving me details of the a consultant that will be handling my claim by the name of Shameera Nizam and her contact details that was on the 08 April 2016. And on the very same day she called to say that it looks like my car will be written off. That did not make sense as the accident value was less than 50% the insured value of car as per the by laws of writing of a car. Since then then have not concluded my claim and was just told that I had to take back the courtesy car that was in my possession as the 30 day hire period had expired.

I sent this Shameera lady emails after emails and calls after calls and have received nothing from them. To make things worse was that she was apparently on leave and no one handle my claim while she was on leave. I again called her on Tuesday the 03 May 2016 and told her it is not my fault that it took them 30 days to process my claim and still not sorted out. I refuse to take back the car until my car is fixed. That very same day I went to BMW Auto Atlantic were my car is currently in storage, they have confirmed with me that there is absolutely no need for the car to be written off. And that I just need to persist and insist that they fix my car. The gentlemen continued to say that Standard bank insurance have a tendency of not wanting to pay for claims, that he had another client there a month ago that had the same problem.

I need help I want my car fixed and I don't really know what more I should do as calling and emailing them is of futile exercise.

Nozuko Simemo

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icc insurance claims ( on 07/07/16 )

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