012 001 0800 Complaints - Rejection of the claim from my insurance

My insurance has rejected my claim by saying the have never received the copy of the inspection.

The inspection was done for my car and the people that did the inspection confirmed that it was sent to them but they do not keep the records.

They have been deducting for the policy and they are still deducting even though my car was written off and they rejected the claim

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Mimipc ( on 22/12/17 )

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That's really bad, mine was also rejected because I had given someone my car to drive and they got involved in a accident the car was a write off. The person I had given my car to had shown me a drivers licence. But when I tried to claim they said he was using an endorsed license now I am left with a burden to pay for a car that's written off. Insurances are just scams

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