SARS Complaints - Reluctant tax refunds

I submitted my tax returns on the 1st of July at the SARS offices in Horizon like I do every other year. My wife and I share a bank account and every year my tax money gets paid into her account. We NEVER had any problems.
The end of July I phoned and was told my tax will be refunded soon.I phoned the call centre again on the 18th of August and was told I must submit my forms again and I must supply 3 months of bank statements in my name as well as 3 months water & lights statements and Certified copy of my id, I submitted on the 25th of August. The consultant assured me everything was correct and she gave instructions that the block must be lifted.When I phoned again the beginning of September I was told to submit again but she could not tell me why. I submitted again on the 19th of September
I called on 22 September, 3 October and 5 October. After speaking to a supervisor on the 5th of October I was told to submit again. I submitted on the 11th of October.
When I called on the 19th of October I was told they ACCIDENTALLY deleted the wrong case number and I will have to submit again !!!
After speaking to a supervisor who was very helpful, she said she will ask the SARS office in Horizon to create a new case number then I wont have to go to them again. I hope this problem will be resolved . If it was me who owned them money.

I have all my case numbers that was issued by them the past three months.Each time I had to sit there for 3 to 4 hours,

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