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A month ago I bought a Captur and Clio together from Imperial Select Tygervalley. There were some issues with the vehicles, wheel alignment, wiper blades that needed to be replaced etc but these were eventually sorted out. I was somewhat concerned that such simple things had not been sorted out before handing the vehicles over, but I brushed it aside.

After taking delivery of the vehicles, I found that the batteries of both remotes were almost flat. Also disappointing, but I sorted it out myself.

I then had a loud noise coming from the boot of the Clio (The sales rep actually noted this on the first test drive). Eventually, after a day at the workshop they were able to correct this.

I hoped this was the last of the issues (having not even paid the first installment on the 2 cars).

But it wasn’t - last week my wife took our 3 month old girl to clamber club classes in her Captur. After class, like every other day since we got the car, she placed her standard baby back pack, with phone and car key in it, in the car. She then strapped in our daughter and went to the front door to get in. Before she got there, the car locked itself.

After some frantic minutes, she realized she wasn’t getting in the car. The teacher of the class came out to assist. She blocked the sun from hitting the window and phoned Renault workshop - where they apparently panicked themselves and couldn’t help.

My wife meanwhile got a lift home with one of the other moms.

Getting home, my wife’s friend got a call from the teacher saying the car had unlocked itself. When my wife got back, my daughter was drenched in sweat and crying, while the teacher was trying to cool her down.

She has been locked in the car for 20-30 mins, on a 30 degree Celsius day.

My wife during the commotion then also dropped her IPhone 8 - R5000 screen damage to it.

After this she went straight to Imperial Tyger, visibly upset at the entire event. There pathetic excuses were offered:

The back pack was too thick
The phone interferes with the signal
“Have you considered keeping the dry key hidden on the outside of the vehicle” (!?!?!?)

That afternoon, I arrived at 15:30 to meet the dealer principle. Clearly the event where my daughters life was placed in danger by your product didn’t take priority, as I waited an hour for him to finish a meeting he was in. He emphasized with me around the situation and explained that they would look into it, providing my wife with a loan vehicle. (With a broken front bumper and a faulty rear seatbelt - great safety there Renault!)

Since that day, I have communicated or tried to communicate with the following people to get this sorted out:

A supervisor at Renault office - the only person I can always get hold of either telephonically or via email and get a response. Pity she isn’t the general manger.
The WC general manager of Renault - here I’m extremely disappointed beyond words. The number of mails I’ve sent, and times I’ve phoned the office, and he’s never available. He hasn’t responded to a single mail of mine (which is just outright rude and disrespectful) and only once phoned me during this entire ordeal.
Tygervalley dealer principle - since day one I have not had the faith that he would deal with this proactively. Yes he occasionally responds to my whatsapp. And returns calls. But after 2 days of him and the finance lady “working out a deal” as I refuse to take the vehicle back and want a replacement, he cannot give me the simplest of info, as in what’s happening with my deposit that I paid on the original car.

Overall my experience with Renault has been terrible. I am so sorry to have left VW for this brand that nobody here seems interested in trying to protect.

I had really thought, with the seriousness of this complaint it would have had you dropping everything, meetings etc and getting in touch with me every day. Your general manager I would imagine would at least touch base with me every other day to check on progress.

But nothing. Your team has shown a complete lack of interest in the seriousness of this case.

Tomorrow is the last day I try to hopefully get this resolved - but I still believe SA needs to know that this brand should not even be considered when looking for a new vehicle.

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