VitalAire Complaints - Rental Oxygen Machine

The EMail listed below was send to the following people on 16 Nov and to date no reply [email protected], and [email protected], [email protected]
Good Morning Mrs Rayne,

As a customer renting one of your large machines and also using the Portable Airsep Free Style i felt
that i have received some very suspicious and unethical treatment from your Chief Technician Sibusiso.

On the 8 th November i have sent my Airsep Free Style machine for repairs with the following request:

1) Replace the charger input plug.
2) Check the battery and if needed replace
3) Service the machine.

On the 9 th November i received a quotation via EMail from your Chief Technician for the amount
of R10,215.22 (Copy attached) He stated that my battery is completely dead and need replacement
but at the time when my machine was send in the battery was working perfectly.

On the 10 th November i sent Sibusiso a EMail requesting the banking details. On the 13 th November
Sibusiso sent me a EMail stating I will send you the banking details now.

During the course of the morning on 13 th November i received a call from a Tumelo from Limitless
Health stating that he received my details from Sibusiso and he can repair my machine for R7200.00
He also send me a SMS with his banking details Bank Code 470010 Acc No 1424657693

I immediately contacted Melanie and also send her copies of the SMS's received
as i felt that this is totally irregular and unethical.

I then later received a SMS from this Tumelo stating that he is leaving South Africa and VitalAire
must rather repair my machine.

As unsatisfied customer i have the following questions:
1) How legitimate is the quotation
2) Was the quotation inflated so that Sibusiso and this Tumelo could work together
3) How can the Chief Technician give my personnel information to another person
as i am dealing with VitalAire
4) In June 2016 i also spend R4029.64 on repairs for the machine

If i now look at your commitment stating:
Our commitment

To maintain the high standards of safety, innovation, quality and cost effectiveness of our
products and add value to the South African community through ethical behaviour and
supportive dialogue with all our patients, customers and suppliers

Can you please arrange that i receive a legitable quotation as i need my machine when i go to town. I followed up today with this EMail

Good Morning

The attached EMail was send to you on 16 th November 2017 and to date i
had no reply. In light of the experience i had with your Chief Technician and
the unethical manner i was treated i thought Senior Management would have reacted
immediately and reply to my EMail. It is therefor shocking to notice that Senior Employees
can treat a Customer with no respect and have no sense of urgency.

In the EMail i requested that you check out the original quote given to me and give me a
new quote as the original quote was done with false pretences by your Chief Technician
as it appears he inflated the quote and then wanted his friend to do the work at R3000.00 less.

I am on oxygen 20 hours a day and use your large machine in the house but i need the portable
one when i go to town or leave the house.

Please treat this as a matter of urgency.

Can you please assist

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