Merzedes Benz Wonderboom Complaints - Repair of Merzedes 350 (W204)

On 31 November 2016 we were in Pretoria to visit my children. That day the car refuses to change gears. We drove to the Wonder boom branch. They inspected the car and the outcome was that the Electric hydraulic controller unit of automatic transmission was damaged. Jaco Small of this company 012-543-7940 were the service advisor phoned to get hold of the part. He came back and said to us there is a part in Cape town available and the car will be ready on Friday Dec 2,2017. The next day he phoned me to tell me that the part in Cape town in faulty, he had to get the part from overseas in Duitsland and that would take +- 2 weeks. I phoned him again and his answer were that the part was released in Duitsland and that he couldn't tell when the part will be in South Africa. With all the Christmas holidays ahead I decided to wait until further notice. On January 5 2017 I phoned again and speak to the Manager which informed me the part has arrived and the motor should be ready for collection. After a while he phone back - witch was the first call from them - to tell me that their is no part available overseas and that the part has to be manufactured - as per Anton the Manager. He told me that Jaco will be back on Monday the 9th 2017 from holiday. I phoned on Monday and I was told that he is not back. I phoned on Tuesday and the same store. I phone on Wednesday and the same store. I phoned today 12 Jan but he was not available, I left a massage for Jaco but no response. We head to cancel our holiday and fly back to George. We had to fly off again - when ever the car will be ready - costs that the didn't budget for. PLEASE AND SOMEONE HELP ME TO GET MY CAR BACK AGAIN and get service from this pathetic company..

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