Honchos Complaints - Rotten Food

My bosses and i recently visited the Honchos on Pine Street.We had had a sit down meal and not a take away.When our meal did arrive,there was an awful stench like something rotten,but because of the sit down,we thought it must of came from the street.However when i bent down to bite into my meal,thats when it made me vomit.Under the flame grill and marinade the chicken was green and a fermentation had settled in.The manager that was dressed up in Muslim attire made a bee line for his car.The African female that attended to us asked if she could only give us a refund for the chicken...Like WTF. Then she went on to say eat the chips its safe.There was no sincerity in the matter.I regret ever stepping into a Honchos branch.I want people to aware of this.

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