Wimpy Complaints - Rude cashier

On the morning of the 01st November, and order via phone was placed for 2 bacon&egg sandwiches with no chips. When I went to collect, I told the cashier that the order was placed already, im just paying. Then she asked me, do you want chips with it and I said no. she asked me how you would like your eggs and I said the order was placed already. Im just collecting an paying. Her response to me was 'WHY DID YOU JUST SAY SO" and then I told her that it was what I told her when I came in. when she packaged the food, I noticed that the order did not look right and I checked it. She gave me chips with the order and I said no chips was ordered. She then shouted "YOU DID ORDER THE CHIPS". This went on for quite some time infront of other customers that were also waiting for their food. I asked to the manager, but she was still on about the chips story. After asking for the Manager three times, only then did she yell to her manager to come to the front. If the manager was busy or not, I did not know as she was taking her time. I paid for the sandwiches and chips, as my colleague that was with me told me its fine, shell pay me back for the chips as she saw that the situation with this cashier was getting out of hand. When I was leaving the manager came to the front and I said, I will sent an email, as I was too upset to even discuss this further. So the chips was never eaten, even though it was paid for. the chips situation was not the issue. the issue was how rude this cashier was, is it because we are staff working in the same complex, that you must just accept such bad behavior.

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