Pep Store (Durban) Complaints - Rude Cashiers

So i had bought this phone at pep and it started giving me adroid system problems after 8 days, so i took it back to the store and the lady there said its my fault cause i was downloading too much. That didn't make sense. Obviously after getting a new phone i will be downloading apps i need. Anyways after that she said my screen is chipped at the side, i told her numerous times that the screen is okay. Cause i had a screen protector. The screen protector was the one that was chipped. Not the actual screen. Next thing that woman tried to take of my screen protector and she broke it cause it a glass kind. My gosh!! I flipped. They didn't even give in the correct reason why my phone was booked for a repair. She didn't ask me whats really wrong with it. Next thing the other cashier is being rude to me, what the hell!!! I just dont understand why customers need to tolerate this behaviour from these employees.

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