Home Afairs Complaints - Rude Manageress

I experienced very bad services from Home affairs in North End Port Elizabeth. lost of us stood in the sun burning so that we can get inside and have our id's sorted or what ever the case mite be, after 3 hours they let us in bit by bit and after getting the from and photo taken they told us to come back next time to take another photo and submit our documents. I took of yesterday to help my 17 year old son to get his Id cause he needs to go look for work. and the best part the Manageress was explaining all of this in her language (Xhosa) when we asked her to tell us in English she said NO I am talking my language now. we had to ask another African lady that was also waiting to explain to us what was said. this is really unacceptable, to let us stand to long in sun and to show us away. I think this can be in the news papers.

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