Shoe City William Moffet Port Elizabeth Complaints - Rude service

About two weeks ago I purchased cowboy boots from Shoe City in William Moffet. I wore them for the 1st time on Saturday the 7th July 2018. As they are dark navy blue it was difficult for me to see that there was some form of "factory default". The left boot stitching was slightly loose and the right boot look liked it had a "hair line crack" in the centre. I returned the boots to Shoe City in William Moffet for an exchange. Not an exchange, not to have a refund. Not that that should matter. The one assistant who assisted me, says am I going to take another pair. I say yes please, as I really love them (at R560.00) a pair. Then came the Store Manager (I think) and asked the assistant what the problem is. The assistant then informs the Store Manager that I say there is something wrong with the boots, while she cannot find fault with them!?? The sales assistant then proceeds to pull glue off the boot and says, "see there is nothing wrong". No I don't think so. I really don't want glue on my brand new boots. The Store Manager then rolled her eyes at me. How exceptionally rude! I ask the Store Manager why are you rolling your eyes at me. As a customer I surely have the right to exchange an item I firmly believe had a flaw in it. Then the sales assistant argues with me that I never gave her my till slip, which I knew for a fact I did. They then discover this in the box of which I am returning for a new pair. No, no, no not Ayoba. Strange enough, I had a similar experience at PnP Hyper on the same day I bought the boots. Teller screamed at me and told me to go and stand in another queue as she is busy punching in a TV set for a customer. I wondered what I was then. Someone working there!? Thank Heavens not. What ever happened to customer satisfaction.......I guess those days are gone. Truly upset about both experiences. :(

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