Rage shoes & clothing (junction mall, Philippi) Complaints - Rude staff and bad service

I went to Rage shoes and clothing in The Junction Mall (Philippi, Cape Town) on the 25 April 2019.

I saw a dress that caught my eye on the window display for R189, I went inside the store, looked at the military belted dress it had a R329 tag i asked the lady who was at the till that day, why it has a different price outside,she didn't answer nor bother to go look at the price displayed outside. I then asked her if do they have any XL she said yes, I then left that day.

I came back to the store on the 06 May 2019.
Still the dress was on display R189, I decided go in and buy the dress, when I told them it said 189 outside they didn't want to believe me, so one lady went to the display she took the 189 price of the display when I told them I wanted the dress with the price I saw, she then told me to go to the cashier because its not her fault that a wrong tag was placed. She then started calling me names. I left her by the door.

I went to the cashier told her my story, she refused to help me, I asked her to call her manager because that 189 was on display for weeks and if it was a mistake why didn't they remove it, cause everyone sees it when they pass by? She then asked me to leave because she is not going to sell me the dress for 189, my husband then saw us arguing, he also asked her to call the manager, they left us standing for an hour only to assist us when I told them I was on the phone with customer service. Finally when customer service approved my complain purchase The cashier who was supposed to be at the till left us when I asked her if I could get a XL dress instead they gave me Large and said I should go and look for it at other stores because I gave them a hard time.

SO NOW IM STUCK WITH a LARGE dress because they refused to give me XL.
I desperately want this dress, and if i am assisted with getting a XL dress then I don't see a point of owning a Large dress when it doesn't fit at all.. I will return the dress the close the account with Rage!

By the way could you kindly assist me on the matter because i feel that i have been more than patient with them.


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