Private Complaints - Rudiness shown by your staff member

A person who calls himself Zakhele from PRICE SPORT called me indicating that my account is on arreas,I last payed in on 04 November. Them I sais to him this does not make sence because I had thought I paid. subsequient to that, he spoke while I was still talking and as a result I stopped him and told him to first listen to what I say but he became so rude and asked what is it that does not make sence in what he was saying, I said I did not say what he was saying did not make sence but the whole issue does not make sence then he could not listen to me as a result I sweared at him and dropped the phone down. I just wonder how did he get such a job if he has no manners,when indicting to him that I may put down the phone he said I can just drop the phone if I want to. What kind of customer service is that???

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