On the 28th August 2017 I made a payment of R 10000.00 from account ,account name Akwandekonke Trading(PTY)LTD to account number 10092546887 branch code 051001 at 17H30. As per my knowledge an account holder was Dzungamanzi Paper (PTY)LTD. I was paying for 100 boxes of typek each costed R 100.00. The transport cost was to be paid by them as they said that should you order be more than 100 boxes they will pay for you transport cost. On 01 September 2017 I paid R5000.00 using the same business account to pay for insurance to Excellent Mail Services account number 62716071709 of wich whey said this amount is 100% refundable on delivery they gave me account number with an account name by Okuhle Tikipeni. They gave me a track number EMS 4401070824 my consignment and they said I will receive my consignment on 2 September 2017. On 5th of September 2017 I phoned transport company and email them about my consignment whereabouts,they said the truck that was transporting my consignment was involved in an accident that morning and they told me that I am the one who is now responsible for transport cost because the company I bought from didn't pay the full amount. I them made an arrangement to order other 100 boxes of rotatrim. They agreed on that and said I must pay and they will transport my consignment for free and they will refund me R5000.00 for the insurance I paid for on delivery date. They forwarded me a pro-forma invoice and I dicided to pay for 50 boxes of which I paid R 5000.00,when I paid that money and submitted the proof of payment to Reddy Jonathan for Dzungamanzi Papers,he said I must tell my bank to reverse that money and pay it to the account number that is in the proforma invoice that is when I noticed that this is a genuine scam,how can a company have more than one account number. I contacted my bank to reverse that transaction but they email me that they don't reverse fraud cases money

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[email protected] ( on 06/06/18 )

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Well, what happened to you happened to us as well, sadly we lost R60 000.00 and the worst thing that makes one angry, they using our company name to further scam more people. I am sure we also fell victim from a previous victim's name just like you did. I am sure your company name is now used to scam others as well. Sadly still waiting for the police to resolve this case.

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