Mobile Talk Complaints - Scam

Hi, on the 17th of this month i recieved a call from lady saying she was from Telkom and since i applied earlier for adsl i thought it was the follow up. I told her i had applied and the application failed because there are no proviosion around my location. She asked for address and and she said the services were available and she offerd me Unlimited Home Fibre 4Mbps + 2Gb Mobile Data + Calling Plan + Lit Box device for streaming all @ R 807 pm. I gave their consultant all the necessary documents and banking details to process the order. Order was done and was told that i will recieve an sms and email with the references and the terms and conditions
I never got any.

On the 18th early around 7 am i get about four emails first beign from Mobile Talk.
It was an Order with the massag welcoming and congradulating me for upgrading with them.
On the order there was more than two items instead of one beign the Package of FTTH + 2Gb Mobile Data + Calling Plan + LitBox

Second item on the Order was called Pro Bundle @R145 SafetyBox RescueBox Hotspotter.

This time im thinking but, the only box i agreed to was LitBox that is part of four items that one get on R 807 pm package

I tried to call them one the number they listed on the order, their line is forever engaged not going through. It is like it was setup to do just that. To ect like it is busy and stuff.
The emails do go through but also are on some kind of automated answering system. You get the same email with different names.
It is automated.
Then out of the blue they call promising to look into the matter.
When you try to call using the same number it does not go through.

And three other emails are from the following companies that i somehow subscribed to when i took a contract with Telkom..Oops Mobile Talk..

1. SafetyBox
2. RescueBox
3. Hitspotter

All welcoming me and thanking me for choosing them.
And reminding me of my selected debit date beign the 31 of the month.

I called them and they failed to explain how they got hold of my personal info.
I told them to unsubscribe me to their services.

They say the order was made and the debit cant be stopped.

They are a scam

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