Vacation Hub International Complaints - Scammed

I was coaxed into purchasing into a vacation membership scheme under the pretenses of creating an additional income stream from selling my timeshare bonus breaks which I do not use. I was told that I will get approximately R6000 per sale x 10 sales over a year = R60 000.00. The sales rep fully understood that I did not need the membership for so called discounted vacation rates (which also does not work) and I explicitly explained to him that I do not have the funds to pay the monthly debit orders – he explained that I need not worry about this as the first sale would be effected before the debit order is due. I signed the contract on the condition and understanding that I would earn an additional income stream from it. I even questioned the portion in the contract where it states that they “will endeavour to sell my timeshare” and was told that I must not worry about it, it is just legal terms and that they will actively sell my timeshare bonus breaks. The rep assured me that the first sale would take place before the first debit order is due and to date, nothing has been sold. I have queried this with VHI on numerous occasions and they cannot give me proof of them even advertising my bonus breaks and/or any other sales that have been made on behalf of timeshare members. I am a single parent and now find myself in a situation where I need to pay monthly debit orders for a service I am not receiving. Upon lodging my complaint with VHI they even went as far as to state that I may cancel my subscription on condition that I pay an outrageous cancellation fee ! They have taken my money and delivered no service to me whatsoever. It should also be noted that the contract was only activated after the cooling off period and therefore I was not able to cancel the contract in time.

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