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I brought the car last year in end July to be fixed, It was repaired August 2018 to Heroldts Garage it was not even two days the car was fixed from them. It just stopped and I foned them. They told me I have to tow the car to them. I then did as I was instructed. I tow the car to them, they then foned me amd tell m I have to pay 12.000 again, where as they asked me 10.000 before I got my car back from them. and it just stopped after I paid them the 10.000, They told me again I have to pay another 12.000 on top of that. I told them I cannot cause I alreadt paid them and the car stopped in a day after it was from them. I then went to the lawyers. The lawyers did communicate with them, after some few days I was sent a message telling me that they gonna fix the car without paying. till now the car is with them, and its over a year naow the car is with thwm, I foned them everyday the always tell me that they are busy, I don't understand why they still busy its ova a year now, Please assist

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