Affinity Health Complaints - Service not rendered

On the 11 April 2018 at 23h35 I called the emergency line to request an ambulance assistance. I spoke to a lady called Olga whom when I asked for the reference number for the call she said I can use her name as reference for our call.

My son was having a difficulty breathing and running a high temperature. I was away from home and my wife was alone at night with a sick child and we could not get help from you. Olga stated that it is not a life threatening incident and we should find a means to get him to Wilgers Hospital which is on the eastern side of Pretoria that a woman alone at night cannot risk seeking other means of transport alone with a sick child.

For a paying customer I am very disturbed that after confirming that my cover provides for 24 hour emergency medical services we were refused assistance whilst my son's life was at risk. She stated that the ambulance service is only for injured people in an accident.

For the record my son had the same episode last year and we had to rush him to Louis Pasture where one of your consultants was so outstanding that she worked with us through the emergency and suggested ambulance transfer to Unitas Hospital as we were also given a run around by staff at Louis Pasture.

Olga's lack of information and attitude are absolutely uncalled for and could come at a hefty price should one consider a law suit for services declined. Please address her appropriately and give me feedback on this incident. Am quite inclined to consult with legal representation because I even have medical records from the Dr who attended to him that his illness was genuine and it was not for Olga to decide whether it is life threatening or not.

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