My name is Lisa Gejengana, from Cape town. I went to submit for my daughters tax returns documents on the 13 of AUGUST 2018. The email was received and confirmation of receipt of documents after a long line and poor service in Cape town station. I was told to wait for 6 weeks which I did. After the 7th week, I called SARS call center to inquire about the application, I was not given an answer instead I was told to wait a little longer as they did not know the course of the delay. I then went to SARS BRANCH again in September, I was told to wait again because they do not know the course of the delay. I made so many calls which they seem to be clueless as they all told me to wait again because people who are doing these audits havent mentioned anything about the reason of the delay on my application, but just the application is still in process. Today, the 1st of October after I called again, I was told that there are two bank accounts which they are still verifying. My question is, doest it takes 2 months to verify bank accounts as the old one was long deactivated. I hate to say that, SARS service sucks, now I am to go to the offices again for the third time for something they could have picked up from my first or second even third call I made. I have wasted time from work standing long ques in sars.

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