private Complaints - Servicing of an Anthracite Heater

As per every year, we have our anthracite heater serviced before the winter. Been done for the last 30 years by Messrs Becker Heaters in Lenasia.
This year it had a cracked hopper and was taken to their service centre. The cost was to be R1250 extra.
I was phoned and advised that just about everything was wrong and worn and it would be R5600 to re-instate. I asked Mr Mohammed if he could not just do the hopper and we would consider the big repair next year. He agreed.
The heater was returned, but with very severe scratches (deep) in the baked enamel cover and we refused to accept this. The heater was sent back.
I then got a call from Mr.Mohammed. He was absolutely furious and claimed that the heater was damaged when he received it and that he had photos to proove it.(These could offcourse have been taken any time!!)We were called names for being too stingy to have had the repairs done that they recommended. I was told that my heater was at least 35 years old etc., etc (Most of the well known old anthracite heaters are older than 35 years and still perform magnificently). I was told to go to hell and that he would return my heater with all the old parts (something he has not date).
Conclusion: the service was shocking and my property badly damaged and withheld.

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