Motla projects Complaints - Sewer spillage into my dwellings.

Motla project, is renewing sewer pipes in Johannesburg in the Bellevue area. On Thursday the 12th of August2019.9, after replacing pipes on ellis street they subsequently blocked the sewer.
On Sunday the 15th thete was a sudden gush of sewer into my basement room ang outside , I quickly arranged for a plumber who tried unblock it without success, and again on the morning of Monday the 16th. They diagnosed a blockage on the street caused by Motla projects all the sewerage from more tahn five houses pourrd into my room in the basement resulting in furniture being submerged in sewer. Kamogelo the supervisor, and Thembani the project manager arranged for sewer to be drained, and promised to have the place cLeaned and all the damages taken care of it is the 18th today and they have done nothing except darin the sewr, They no longer answer my calls, There iz human waste in the room and furniture is damaged and full of faeces.

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