Nissan Sandton, Edenvale and Customer Service Complaints - Shocking Customer Service

• I have been trying to get hold of someone to help me with my central locking issue literally since the beginning of this year. Emails I send to Nissan Sandton, telephonic messages I left – Nothing.

• Contacted Nissan customer service at the end of March. Spoke to a lady who was very helpful, even got me to believe that she wanted to and will help me. Nothing.

• Contacted Nissan Customer services again last week the 6th of April. Justin S promised me he would get back to me by the end of the day – since I specifically asked him if somebody will take me seriously this time. Nothing.

• Amisha Gosh eventually contacted me on Friday afternoon late. She sent an email with the costs of having a diagnostic done. I sent an email to Amisha yesterday (9th of April) morning first thing with available dates that my car can be sent in for diagnostics, asking when it would be a suitable time for Sandton Nissan to do the diagnostics on my car. Nothing.

I was treated like rubbish at Nissan Edenvale by Maurice who did not want to help me, who did not have time for me, but unfortunately was forced to help me. I was patronised and belittled by Maurice, insinuating that I don’t have a clue what I was talking about – his visible irritation with me was shocking. I was told I should not worry my little head about the problem as I only needed a new key to fix my central locking problem.

When I contacted Sunesh with the problem, I only received his standard template script response which I found to be even more patronising.

After being treated like rubbish at Nissan Edenvale I found myself having to deal with Nissan Sandton, but even though they havent patronized and belittled me because of my gender, they are just flat out ignoring me.

I am a little bit at my wits end here as I really don't know who to speak to to just get a tiny bit of customer service from Nissan.

One would think a large company like Nissan knows what Customer Service is?

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