Turning Point Ballet and Dance Supplies Complaints - SHOCKING QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE

10/03/2018, my daughter age 15 and I went to buy ballroom dancing shoes for the first time.
As this was our first time, we expected the staff of Turning Point Ballet and Dance Supplies Fairy Glen to have the knowledge to assist us.
Sales Consultant Bronwyn had no idea what she was doing and sold my daughter shoes that was way to big for her to dance in and secondly sold be 2 different shoes - same style but different makes.
When we got home, I once again tried on my size 4.5 shoes, just to find that he wasn't the same shoes and then to my shock the one shoe starting pealing.
I returned them the very next day. They then informed me that they have a no refund policy but will send it to the factory to have it fixed. A few days later, may daughters shoes buckle broke off!
Once again we returned the shoes.

After a week of fighting with the store, I was then contacted on 26 March by Anoinette - a woman cliaming to be the ex owner of the Fiary Glen store and now the owner of the manufatury factory in Cape Town.

30 March she informed me that the no 4.5 shoes are not their shoes but that she will have them fixed. She also said that she will replace the no 8 shoe sold to us with a no 7 - as the size sold to us was to big.

01 April I contacted Antoinette to enquiry on the shoes. She never responded.
02 April I contacted her once again.
She then informed me that she is STILL waiting for the no 8 shoes to be send to her.

However, she confirmed that the 4.5 pair is being repaired as we spoke.

04 April I contacted her AGAIN. Antoinette confirmed that the shoes will be done that same day and that we will have our shoes on the 9th.

09 April - still no shoes.

10 April I contacted her again.

Now after she said she was going to replace the size 8 with a new size 7 - she now decided that no she will not do that anymore and will only fix the buckle.

With regards to the size 4.5. After she confirmed in writing that the shoes were fixed, she now said that the shoes cannot be fixed.

Eventhough she guarenteed us that we will have our shoes by the 9th, she changed her story now and confirmed that NOTHING has been send.

ONE month after we bought dancing shoes from a so called professional supplier - spending R 1202.00 and then having to go out and buy extra shoes (spending an addtional R 1200) due to the shocking quality and poor customer service, we STILL DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!

R 2500.00 spend within 4 weeks - due to a supplier that has staff that has no product knowledge AND sells products of the poorest quality.

They have no interest to accept their mistakes or to try and rectify this.

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