Mtn Complaints - Sim swap

Hello Peter, I usually don't complain but I think this time I needed to as something didn't make sense.
I did a sim swap at MTN key west shopping Centre and was told the sim will be active within 12 hour. I actually waited over a day to try and see if the sim was active, only to realize that the sim was not active.

I Then phoned the customer care line to find out what might be the problem. I Spoke to the service consultant by the name Sizwe and explained the problem I am having.

He then went to the system to check after verify my details(as it is a contract sim card). He then told me that the system does not show anything about me doing a sim swap

I then read him the information on the slip and the fact that I have paid R120 but the sim is not active yet.

I then asked the service consultant what should I do to fix the problem.

He then told me that I should go back to the store I did a sim swap and they would help me without charging me again. I told the consultant that I am in Kempton park now and that it would cost me more to go to key west mall , cant I go to any MTN store near me to fix the problem.

He told me that the shop at key west is a franchise if I had done at a non franchise store (meaning MTN directly) he would be able to help me.

I told the consultant I don't understand because when I entered the shop, the sign said MTN not MTN franchise meaning to me I went into an MTN store for a sim swap, whether its a franchise or not it represent MTN.
I am current in Western cape because I work there, with a SIM Card I paid R120 for that doesn't work.

The customer care consulted told me that he send an email to his manager and they would call asap, I have not received a call yet.

I love MTN and been with it for +9 - 10 years now.

Now I have to pay R120 to do sim swap again, while at first I did do a sim swap that was not activated. I FEEL ROBBED.

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