Cash Crusaders Complaints - Sold my phone after manager Renier gave me an extension

First and foremost Cash Crusaders Rustenburg is corrupt and I will make it my mission to let South Africa know! The manager Renier is first in line! He CAN’T BE TRUSTED!!!

On the 7 July 2018 at 11:33 I borrowed an amount of R3 500 on my Huawei P210 Pro phone, the repayment was supposed to be done on Sunday the 5 August 2018 but the store was closed! I went to the store at 4:40 pm on the 6th just to find the store is already closed although it states the store is open until 5 o’clock! The security guard also informed the staff already left and the shop was closed. None the less I went back the next day, that was the Tuesday the 7 August 2018, I spoke to Renier. I asked him for an extension on which he agreed to give me an additional extension of 10 days, I graciously excepted! He made same changes on the computer, he never gave me any paperwork or nothing, he just informed me everything is fine I can come back within 10 days what I did, just to hear my phone was sold!!!!

Now he claims he never spoke to me on the 6th and he never gave me an extension and sorry my phone was sold and there is nothing he can do about it!

Tuesday the 7th there was another man of which Renier gave him a 7 days extension and he collect it when I was waiting to be helped! Now why did they kept the arrangement with that man but not with me?

I want to know who bought the phone?

I want my phone back or I will open a fraud case against Cash Crusaders Rustenburg because a verbal agreement is just as binding as a written one and you are more than welcome to watch the footage on you camera’s, you’ll see I am not lying!

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