I was insured with King Price insurance since 2014.

On the call were I took out the insurance they did inform me that the vehicle should have a tracker -(as I discovered when they send me the recording…)

So for 4 year all our premiums were up to date. Not 1 follow up call from King Price if someone contacted me to fit a tracker or to confirm that I already have a unit fitted.

According to the King Price call center some one from a tracker company was suppose to phone me to arrange for an appointment (this did not happen in the 4 years)

In Feb 2018, I called King Price asking where I can have a tracking unit fitted, response was that they do not know and I should contact matrix or beam e directly.

I tried to call beam e- as soon as you choose options as per voice prompts the phone cut off.

So my vehicle did not have a tracking device in.

On 13 April 2018 my vehicle got stolen in front of my kids school.

I immediately contacted King Price to notify them and I told them the vehicle does not have a tracking unit.

The next day Friday 13 April the investigator Jacques from King Price contacted me, informing me there is nothing on the claim so far for me to worry about. I can relax.( created an expectation)

Tuesday (17 April) they contacted me to inform me that the claim was rejected due to the fact that the vehicle did not have a tracking unit in.

The vehicle was a Polo 1.4 Trendline 2006 Insured for Retail value R52100.00.

King Price called to advise they will refund me a portion of premiums ( My premium R395.05 monthly) , so they confirmed the will be refunding me R2300.00 for the 4 years, this is really ridiculous.

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