Private Complaints - Ster-Kinekor bad service

Place: Ster-Kinekor Somerset West Mall
Date: Tuesday 10 April 2018, 10h30
Description of incident:

Problem 1:
When attempting to purchase our tickets I discovered that I had misplaced my club member cards. I approached the only person on duty at the bookings counter. A young woman. She was most unfriendly, didn't want to help me, didn't make eye contact. She said that she couldn't help me to replace the cards. She pointed at an empty station and indicated that a "he" should do it. She never once tried to be helpful. Said she could only issue new cards and not re-issue lost cards. She got busy with something else and I wandered off to find someone to help. I confronted a young man wearing a hair net and asked him if he could help. He went off to find the cards and then handed them over to the young lady who began processing the cards. She never once mentioned that there would be any costs involved. On receipt of the cards I asked her to book two seats for Theatre 2 (Black Panther). She did that and the sale was put through on my credit card. This woman shouldn't be allowed to work with the public. She is a disgrace to the service industry!
Today, 11 April, on checking my bank accounts I find that two payments went through: R 82.50 (presumably for the issue of the tickets, although I can't know for certain because this was never pointed out) and R98.00 for the tickets.

Problem 2:
When the trailers began we noticed that the image was very dark, almost like night scenes. It continued that way. My husband left the theatre to request that the problem be addressed. Somewhere he found a young man who at first insisted that that is what it should look like! My husband finally convinced him that it wasn't right and that the light bulb on the projector was probably malfunctioning. The main feature had already started when the young man found us in the theatre and explained that they were waiting for the technician and would address the problem as soon as possible. The feature ran its full length without any improvement. It was most disappointing not being able to see the film as it should be. The strain to my eyesight was such that I was left with a headache afterwards.
On exiting the theatre I asked to see the manager - who happened to be in the foyer. He was speaking to a woman, also an employee. We explained the problem as he was very off-hand about it. Didn't apologise, didn't seem to know anything about the problem and didn't undertake to reimburse us or issue complementary tickets which would have been a good response in terms of public relations. He said he would do something about the problem. I demanded that it be done right away, not whenever...

In all, the repeated lack of service and bad attitude was enough to have anyone leave with a bad taste in the mouth. I trust that this complaint will reach the right people and that action will be taken against these employees.

What I need: A full refund of the entire amount of both the cards and the tickets. The first because of misrepresentation and the latter because we couldn't see the film we had paid to see.

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