MoiMooi Spa (mybeautyco/moimooi/milk and honey woodstock) Complaints - Stole money from my account

MOI-MOOI spa stole my money!!

It is impossible to cancel.

I canceled my membership the first day I signed up because I could't make a booking and the whole process was very painful.

I phoned Diann to explain that I am no longer interested in this and she needs to cancel my account/membership.

After that I sent a mail explaining the same thing and I said in the mail that I do not give them consent to debit any money because I am cancelling.

Couple of weeks went by and I started getting weird payment notifications, R200 here and R500 there. The last couple of months I phoned the bank to stop and reverse the transactions, but they couldn’t because they kept changing the reference name and sometimes the amounts.

I couldn't work out what it was, and the bank couldn't tell me either. I never in a million years thought these people would still take my money.

They took over R4k from me over a couple of months.

Finally I the bank gave me a number and I figured out it was MOI MOOI.

I asked for a refund, and they first refused because Diann says I never canceled. I sent the email where I canceled. But that wasn't good enough.

She says I spoke to her after the email saying that I still want this membership. (Not true) So in April this year she requested the recording. (that still hasn't been found)

She has told me for the last 4 months that they will start paying me back monthly until they can get this recording.

It is now October and still no recording and no refund.

She tells me that she will 'escalate' this and every now and then she says sorry the payment will be made either tomorrow or end of the month or whatever.

I feel like I should just share my story, I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake. Watch out who you give your details to.

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