woolworths bafour park Complaints - store card used by another customer after I have stopped the card

my woolworths store card was swapped with another custormers on the 27th of feb 2018,I went to the store to hand over card that was mine nd asked that they call the other customer to return mine.I was told they cant get hold of her.I went to the store again on the 1st I=of march and I was put through to the head office where I was told they were gonna stop and cancel my old card and I was gonna be issued with a new card.TO MY SURPISE THE PERSON WHO HAS MY CARD HAS BEEN SHOPPING WITH IT.sHE HAS USED ABOUT R2200.00.wHEN I GO TO THE STORE I am always served by a differe nt person and the manager there was not very helpful.Please help as I have been to the store more that 5 times and no one gets back to me.I now feel as if they work with this person who is using my card even though Iwas told by Woolworth head office on the 1st of march that the card has been stopped.Your soonest reply will be highly appreciated.Thandi

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