KFC Complaints - Sub standard and wrong fast food

Ordered two Colonel Hawaian Burgers at KFC Upington, paid for it and the attendant confirmed the specific two burgers when handing it to me. When arriving at home it was not what I ordered. There were now pineapple or cheese on the burger. The lettuce was of and I would not even serve it to a rabbit. The bun was old and hard. Phoned the branch manager (Kobus). Told him it was the second time this happend in about two months. Told him my baby was sleeping and I am expecting him to deliver the correct goods to my house. He was unable to assist and gave me the contact details of the Area Manager (George Kuhn) which is also situated in Upington. Phoned him, told him the whole story. He also cannot deliver the correct goods to my house, but am willing to reimburse me with four of the same burgers. Prommissed this time it will be up to standard. Four burgers does not solve the issue of the wrong burgers, the cost which I have to me for driving in to the shop, after being on the road for 600km. I also am goiing to eat only two burgers. So am I again being forced to waste food? Does it mean that I will be getting a good quality product without ruined lettuce and on a fresh bun, just because I complained and every body else dont? Is KFC Upington only employing people which do not have axcess to a vehicle? I have taken pictures of the product and slip. Must I send it to the papers? Must I bring it to the attention of KFC head office is SA or the USA? Is it in order to deliver sub standard food the puplic? Is it my responsibility to take it back and reimbursed with something else? I believe they can close KFC Upington with this attitude of not taking responsibility and not delivering on good food to the South African public

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