Sedibeng college Vereeniging campus Complaints - Super Poor service received

So.... On the 9th of May 2018, I went to register at sedibeng college, and my word, they made us stand in a line from the time they opened until 11am, with abso-freaking-lutely nothing happening, mind u, *nobody hadno idea what was happening, including the staff* (professional!) Finally when this nice lecture came to our aid, things started moving. AMAZINGLY, at 2pm the staff working in the data capturing department LEFT.... They just LEFT us there, no: "come back tomorrow" or "hey GUYS, we are leaving" just UP AND LEFT. and there were 21 of us that still needed assistance, fortunately there was a nice lady that helped the rest of us. Please please please, there are people who seriously need jobs and I am one of them, sake the once that pretend to work coz they are just dragging you down!

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