Monroe South Africa Complaints - Supplied rejected Shocks

I bought a set of rear shocks for my vehicle (Monroe V1170) on 14 March 2018. When I wanted to mount it on the vehicle I found that the bolt holes were the wrong way around, i.e. 12mm at bottom and 14mm on top instead of 14mm at bottom of shock and 12mm on top as per the bolt sises and the shock I removed from the vehicle. I then returned to the supplier (Midas Walker drive in Port Elizabeth, they contacted the Monroe representitave who told them that the shocks supplied were the correct ones for the vehicle and there are none available with the specs as those I removed from my vehicle. Midas tried in vain to sort the correct spect shocks for me and refunded me on 4 April 2018. I then went to Supa Quick North End in Port Elizabeth and they supplied two Monroe V1170 shock obsorbers and fitted only one as the bolts went missing for the other one during the battle to obtain the correct product. They gave me the other one to fit myself after I sourced the bolts. However, by attempting to fit it, I found it was also "upside down". I was told by a friend that he had the same problem and found that Moroe made a mistake during manufacturing and sent a batch which was made "upside down". I then returned to Supa Quick and the person there contacted the Monroe branch in Port Elizabeth and spoke to the representitave. The rep admitted to him that a batch of these shocks were sent from the factory which were made "upside down" and they will exchange the incorrect one for the proper one. He however doesn't keep to his prommisses as he never returns the calls from the person at Supa Quick or delivers the shock as promissed. This has been going on now for more than 6 weeks and in the meantime my vehicle is standing and cannot be used. I was very patient thus far but am now disgusted in the way the situation is treated. (I want to point out that the shock Supa Quick fitted was in fact correct with the correct bolt sized bolt holes in the right places, they were supplied with one correct one and one incorrect one. Further more, why were the rejects not removed from the shelves instead of keeping on supplying it to customers.)

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