Telkom Complaints - supply goods that dont work and they cant help with

telkom after sale service.
i bought a LTE modem from Telkom in March 18 on a 24 month contract as well as internet phones to run my business from. They claim their Lte has a 10 mg download capacity. It has never gone above 4mg and over the past two reeks got worse until there is now no internet at all.This is a big problem for me as it is affecting my business.
i spent nearly 3 hours on the 081180 help line yesterday. the "help" personnel are badly trained and and mostly cannot help, so they pass you on to cellphone sales, accounts and all over the show to get rid of their problem. the one guy just sent me back to the beginning to start the call over again . i have tried their help line on the internet but in refuses to accept my details. i am now desperate to resolve this problem. My advice to anyone looking for an internet supplier is "stay away from Telkom" they are expensive and very incompetant.

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