john van niekerk Complaints - Swallows

GRP02450----Swallows Golf Tour Durban,
17 passengers. I would firstly like to thank Fredelien Heunes for all her help booking this tour. Your on-line booking sometimes keeps returning to a previous page and not allowing one to get further. Thank you Fredelien---you were a star.
I would like to point out something I think is 'one sided'. I booked a group of 17 to travel to Durban. I followed all your instructions giving you 17 names for the return trip to Durban. Circumstances changed for some of the travellers and had to come back early. I then had to purchase another ticket for an extra passenger joining this trip.
1. There is no refund on the return flights for those who had to return early.
2. I had to buy a ticket for the extra passenger and cost way more that was paid for the group.
As we were a group of 18----Why could we not get an extra ticket from the cancelled return flights. And why should the extra ticket not be the same price as the original 'group price'.
When the group decided to go on tour, the time of booking, the date and times were perfect. As time got closer to flight date circumstances forced a change in plans.
As a group, we chose Kulula because of their 'good deals'.
Being a group I find the above policy very ONE SIDED.

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