House and Home Alberton Complaints - Tele marathon

I want to complain about poor poor customer service I got thi morning at House and Home Alberton City. While a sales consultant called me this morning as I have asked that specific sales consultant to call me on the 01-08-2018 so that I can come purchase a certain item when it is on promotion, while we were busy talking on the phone the phone was hanged up 3 time and I thought to myself how rude of this sales consultant to hang up just before we could finalise everything. Until I got hold of the sales consultant was speaking with and I was told that another sales consultant was hanging the phone up and his nane is Patrick Dhlamini and I don't understand why would the company fail to train their staff instead they are very rude and action has to be taken against behaviors like these. Otherwise they will lose customers and I feel strongly that the Branch manager Charlotte has to take action

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