Telkom Insurance Complaints - Telkom insurance is the Worst company ever

In January 2017 I took a contract with Telkom and I was advised to also include the phone insurance which was R165.00 per month. During the 29th of October 2017, I lost the phone, the following day I reported the matter telephonically, then advised me to get the legal documents and call the insurance on the number: 086 100 5674, When I called the first time they kept on hanging up my calls then I called Telkom customer care and they gave me the email to submit the documents and the following day I went to the store that I bought the phone from and I was told that the insurance is not from Telkom but from Finrite, however, they assisted me with calling the company and they answered and told me to confirm my email in order to track my submitted documents from their email or database, I was told they will come back to me in 3 working days as they want to request the usage report from Telkom, 4 days later I called them as a result that Andile (Consultant) never called me, they told me that the EMEI number was wrong and they will confirm it from Telkom and they will give me feed back after 3 days, I called them again after 4 days and spoke to Andile (Consultant), She said she needs the second EMEI number since my phone was a dual sim, I looked for the box and sent the EMEI number and I was told to wait for 7 more working days while they request the usage report from Telkom then they will give me a call, I called after 10 days and I was told that the claim was Declined, however, they are escalating the matter, and I'll get a feed back in 7 working days, after 8 days I called and I was told that the previous consultant didn't escalate it, the I was told that she will immediately escalate it. okay it was almost the end of the year and I just told myself that I will follow up in Jan 2018. When I called on the 8th of Jan 2018 I spoke to a lady called Diana Kruger (Claimed to be the company manager) who promised and assured me that she was going to give me feed back the following day morning, unfortunately she was lying and she didn't send anything, then on the 9th of January 2018 I called and spoke to another consultant to transfer my call to Diana and to my surprise she was hanging up my calls at least 3, then when I called after 2 hrs I spoke to Thuto who promised and assured to give me feedback in the next one hour, unfortunately he was also lying just like his Boss. On the 10th of January 2018 I called again and spoke to Karabo (Consultant) and I asked her to transfer my call to either Diana or Thuto, however, she said she can help me, I gave her my ID Number and Boom!!! she cant help anymore and she took my number to give them to the Diana and Thuto to come back to me.

I'm so disappointed in the fact that how can Telkom do this to the public after all the trust people have over it, People are not even aware that Telkom doesn't own any Insurance Company and it belongs to an external Fraudsters call finrite (I Hate this company with my whole heart).

Telkom has been debiting my Money for Insurance for the past 11 months including the Insurance, yet I cant get any help from them. What kind of Irony is that. I wish people could be made aware of this and cancel all the Telkom Insurance (Even though its not Telkom but Finrite) and their contract because they cant be trusted.

Telkom are crooks and Conman



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