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Last year (may 2017) I cancelled a contract with telkom mobile, however every month der after i was still being billed for the cancelled contract. After numerous calls and visits to the branch and a number of casesbeing opend the contract was finally cancelled in 2018 Jan. There after all of the calls to the call center I was advised that I will be refunded for all the months I have been billed. Till today I am having a problem to even have my call returned by a manager from the customer service, every time I phone I am advised that the manager will call me back shortly but never ends doing so. This is by far my worst experience with any service provider I have come a cross. To top it all up I was advise that the case that was opened for my refund was closed because they did not receive my banking details. How on earth is this possible of they do not contact me back or update me on the progress but more pathetic is that they bill me every month from my bank account which means they have the details on hand. By far the worst customer service in history from such a big company. Either the staff is not trained correctly or there is no management on site or there system is equipped to handle queries but never will I recommend telkom mobile to any one due to the extremely poor customer service and follow up. It will be highly appreciated if a senior person from telkom mobile customer services can contact me to help take away this foul taste that's left in my mouth after dealing with their customer service. I am also going to be trying to get ahold of telkom mobiles head office and any other complaints board to report this matter as it is a huge waste of my time, energy and sleep.

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